"LuvBurger is a new and wonderful plant-based fast casual whole food company. Our mission is to inspire others to eat healthy, natural foods, and respect all sentient beings. We primarily use organic products and avoid using ingredients that may be harmful to the body or environment. We are creating the bridge between fast-unhealthy food and fast-healthy food. If we can change the way people eat on a daily basis by simply giving them a healthy, tasty plant-based alternative to a meat product. We can actually save the world one burger at a time!"


Let’s just look at the facts. We are at a point in time where our world is suffering on multiple levels due to the choices we have made. The over consumption of animals has created a catastrophic ripple throughout the environment. Factory farming requires resources beyond what we can call sustainable.

Our forests are disappearing by the second, our waters are polluted with everything from antibiotics to pesticides, primarily used to create the food for these factory farmed animals, all the while we grow sicker and sicker due to low quality, highly processed nutritionally void "food" and harmful ingredients.

Plant-based diets are one solution, being conscious of where we buy our food is the other. We must join together and realize every time we buy food, literally, we have voted with our dollars. Many people have grown accustomed to the fast-food industry and it’s quick access and highly addictive flavor, so we have decided to offer a healthy, plant-based burger instead of a factory-farmed animal product, while still making it super delicious with whole food ingredients that are sustainable, healthy and healing.